A. MOQ = 1 piece



We offer the most business-friendly, zero-pain solution order a
KTS billet compressor wheel.

For production p/n, MOQ = 1 piece

For new development p/n, MOQ = 1 piece, provided all 4 easy conditions meet:
- Made to Performance Design
- OE Sample
- Known p/n or application
- Made to same fitment / blades number
- In the absence of which, various classes of development surcharge and MOQ surcharge will apply.

Our MOQ policy discourages requested designs that do not significantly lead to eXcitement, or are too similar to what that has already been produced. 








B. Performance Guarantee




KTS has accumulated good experience in designing performance wheels. Our billets are achieving 5-10% power and torque gains with 90% success rate by only changing from cast stock wheel to specific KTS billets. No other changes were carried out.


We can make recommendation on design features, but are unable to provide a compressor map. It is more viable that you dyno the turbo setup at your site, and provide feedback to us for future design changes, if any required. P/N classified as ‘Performance Design’ are guaranteed to perform better on dyno than stock wheel, otherwise we will compensate you 5X the credit of the originally supplied wheel per project.




  • Submission of pre and post dyno chart
  • No other modification done except a change of KTS wheel
  • Proper workmanship of turbo/ manifold assembly/ disassembly, eg no air leakage, no filter blockage, correct wastegate setting



  • Our administration of this program is on assumption of honesty by the customer. KTS cannot physically verify all information submitted to us and therefore if KTS have reasons to believe such claims are non-bona-fide, this guarantee is void for the p/n and / or all other p/n customers may have purchased
  • We reserve the right at our sole discretion without assigning the reasons and/ or without giving prior notice
  • The credit is for you to utilise on new design of the wheel that KTS may repropose
  • Some p/n are excluded from this Performance Guarantee
  • No cash refunds






C. Confidentiality



KTS aims to be the most independent supplier of MFS and we do not wish to be restricted or to restrict supply to any customer.



Samples received and made as standard or customized are Non-exclusive, considering the competitive price and low/no MOQ. Wheel data will be published in our catalog, except the name of customer.

KTS is aware of your needs to protect your design/idea. We have the following possibilities:

• Exclusivity
We can offer you exclusivity for OE fitment wheel based on a non-OE blade number, subject to pre-agreed annual MOQ and terms. Please consider that a slight tweak in design, geometry, dimensions, etc may defeat the purpose of any exclusivity.

• Unpublished P/N
No publishing of your p/n in our catalog. Please consider that we may receive a similar p/n and it becomes published with no refund offered





Code of Conduct







We will not intentionally circumvent any exclusive agreement by indirect supply, making minor/ immaterial design change, to frustrate the very essence of that agreement.








We will not intentionally publish a list of our customers, to claim credibility in our marketing. Our customer has a secret and we are party to them.













We will not intentionally publish on social media pictures of our customers customs project and/ or divulge the kind of application and country of destination.












Q & A
with CEO
on Confidentiality







Q: Why would negotiation with KTS on exclusivity a lengthy process?

A: Because KTS intent to honour the agreement. We go through possible scenario with customer, so that they are aware of the many possibility of frustrating an agreement via a slight tweak in design. Knowing that cheating is prevalence elsewhere, we want bring to customers back to reality.


Q: Why would you choose not to disclose your customers listing?

A: An issue of the goose that lay the golden eggs. Customers are entrusting their secret projects to us and treating KTS as their ‘secret production base’. KTS is committed to a policy of non disclosure. We are lured by the attraction of quoting references of such prestigious projects to solicit for new customers. We refused.


Q: What is your last tip?

A: Beware of False Confidentiality. Especially if they offered to readily. It's too easy to cheat. 

As a matter of company policy, KTS will take every reasonable care to protect the safety of any data deemed confidential by KTS. However, we may not be able to prevent data breaches due to criminal acts, or malicious intentions that are unknown to KTS and/or beyond KTS control. We do not assume any liability as a result of a breach of security.






D. Durability



In modern engines, the drive for greater horsepower and torque, plus the desire for high boost up to 5:1 pressure ratio, has led to the increase of rotational rotor speeds and temperatures going over the limits of the standard material used, where the traditional cast impellers are reaching
their limits of durability. 

In high duty cycle applications such as city buses, local delivery
trucks, garbage trucks, excavators, and etc, where turbocharger speed is frequently changing, standard cast aluminum impellers cannot achieve the same durability as MFS billet impellers.

MFS billet impellers offer superior durability, effectively addressing the weakness of a cast impeller suffering from blade chipping and hub burst, mostly the result from Low Cycle Fatigue, traceable to casting defects such as oxides or other impurities, or inconsistent casting techniques.

The improvement in durability also means MFS impellers can run reliably at high speeds now demanded by many aftermarket customers.












F. 4 Years Limited Warranty



KTS warrants that its MFS billet compressor wheels that are designed
within our boundary conditions are free from defects within 48 months
starting from date of invoice.

Our liability is only limited to the exworks replacement of a new
product on an exchange basis by the direct purchaser, if judged
by KTS to be defective by reason of improper design, engineering, machining, balancing or materials.

This warranty is waived upon instruction from customers that they require designs beyond KTS boundary conditions.

In no event shall KTS be liable for any direct or indirect or consequential or other loss or damage of any kind, whether arising out of the contract of sale or the manufacture or fitting or use of goods supplied by us, or howsoever caused, nor for any diminution in the value of other property or components howsoever arising consequent upon or resulting from the use of KTS MFS products.

This warranty does not cover any damage to this product that results from:

  • Pre-events, eg foreign object damage, loss of balance due to bearing damage, shaft motion due to bearing damage
  • Misuse & abuse eg wrong housings, lack of rotor balancing, lack of VSR
  • Unauthorised modification eg bore resizing, backdisc reduction
  • Incorrect application
  • Mishandling eg incorrect weight correction that weakens wheel
  • Accidents
  • Acts Of Gods









G. Visit to  



KTS is the world’s largest operator of 5 Axis machines
and robots for aftermarket billet wheels. We welcome approved tier customers to visit our factory in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and witness the KTS technology.

26x Five Axis Machines
14x Robots
8x Okuma Turning Centers
6x Takisawa Turning Centers with Robots
2x Mitutoyo Crystal Plus CMM
1x Mitutoyo Roundtest RA2200
1x Mitutoyo Surftest C3000
1x Mitutoyo Contracer C3000
1x 2D Scanner
1x Zeiss Contura G2 CMM
1x Steinbichler Comet 3D Scanner
2x Cimat Vertical Balancing Machines
8x Schenck Vertical Balancing Machines 
1x Tool Scanner
1x Blade Scanner


 A visit to KMC will confirm the authenticity of all informations, pictures, processes, technologies and equipment depicted by KTS in all our marketing to be true, ongoing and property of KTS.