We advocate Performance Design - a combination of SlimNose, SlimHub, Slim Back, thin blades, long blades, high blades, tapered tips and low weights - that will increase performance, rather than a similar OE geometry as a mere replacement for the same compressor housing.

Our MFS impellers with Performance Design are ‘slim, curvy and sexy’ and come with the most options: forward, reverse, threaded bore, boreless, 4+4, 5+5, 6+6, 7+7, 8+8, 9+9, 10+10, 7+0, 8+0, 9+0, 10+0, 11+0, 12+0, 13+0, 14+0, 15+0, 5+5+5, 6+6+6, 5+5+10, tapered tips, cutback, blade heights, trailing angles, flank mill, point mill, racing applications, 400mm, etc. They are highly customisable and minimal order quantity (MOQ) for Performance Design starts from 1 piece.

The soul of performance is now unleashed.








The fine line between
Performance vs Durability


We can produce billets as extreme, as crazy as you want for the highest performance. But let’s face it, this is engineering and there is a compromise.

Do you really want a crazy wheel that runs a higher risk of bursting 200meter down the race track?

Do you prefer to have a wheel that is less crazy but will finish the race?

This is the experience of KTS knowing when to stop the craziness. After making more than 5000pn and with more than 1,000,000pcs wheel in service, we have a better idea of the boundary.

This is where our value is... to advice you the fine line.