A. Development


  KTS has vast experience with turbocharger design and the
          understanding of the functionality of the parts.

          Our development team makes measurements and calculations,
          analyses aerodynamics and natural frequencies, produces

          geometric and stacked-up tolerances, and specifies finishing to
          ensure KTS MFS impellers perform exactly to the design

  Blade vibration frequency analysis to predict maximum allowable speed and ite durability 




















We count on a huge library of impeller to select, match and fine-tune to
the requirement of our customers, satisfying your wishes and dreams.










B. Software



Cutting-edge CAD/CAM software offers KTS
engineers shorter design times, newer capabilities,
advanced simulations and integrated machining
operations, allowing design changes to be
cascaded to manufacturing at the click of a button.

We are able to simulate the MFS 3D model, and their
manufacturing strategy, even before we see the real














   C. Balancing


Since 3Q 2014, KTS is using 2-plane balancing audit. We will conduct
weights correction at the backdisc and nose.

However, in many occasions, no correction is carried out at the nose, due
to lack of material at the nose as the KTS performance wheels have

high blades and slim nose.

Our balancing protocol accepts a limited amount of residual imbalance
on the nose. This can be easily corrected during the subsequent process
of rotor balancing and or VSR.

A colour paint dot on the nose indicate that balancing protocol is established,

evenif there are no correction.

We highly recommend to VSR especially for small wheels 60mm exducer
and below.






























D. Machining


KTS insists on top Japanese machine tools to deliver best
performance, productivity and consistent tolerance, most
critical to the demands of the MFS manufacturing.

A fleet of Takisawa & Okuma LB3000 multi-tasking lathes machines is
deployed for exceptional turning to tackle the greatest
challenges posed by tight MFS tolerance on diameters,
parallelism, perpendicularity, roundness, cylindricity and
total runout. Such knowledge are privileged KTS know how.

MFS impellers are machined using high-speed 5-axis CNC
operations, which is needed to achieve intricate aerodynamic
impeller blade profile and finish required for optimal
aerodynamic and mechanical performance.





Interesting Fact

Made in Germany and Japan, KTS’s 5 axis machines feature
advanced manufacturing technologies, capable of making weapons
of mass destruction such as nuclear bombs and missiles. The
Government of Japan and Germany under Trade Control Act and
BAFA respectively classified such machines as security controlled
technologies and have imposed many stringent compliances on its
usage and ownership.

KTS has sought and obtained permission from the Government of
Japan and Germany for the sole usage on impeller machining.

KTS fully support the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and we
will only use these machines for turbochargers manufacturing for civilian application. 








E. Measurement



At KMC where all MFS impellers are produced, the best of measurement metrology
technologies are deployed to inspect the tight geometric dimensioning and tolerance required in a KTS MFS impeller, complementing the demanding engineering specification of a modern day turbocharger.






KTS has a vast array of cutting-edge technology to deploy for the inspection of our billets. Featured here is an automated scanning of blade thickness, bringing consistency, precision, efficiency and trusted reporting to this quality assurance process.










F. Material


KTS selects aluminum A2618 series high strength, low weight 
aerospace grade material. We are confident of the mechanical properties of this grade and our MFS come with a 4-year limited warranty.

These alloys are mechanically processed, breakings down oxide defects (mainly silicon) that might be present and refines the grain structure of the alloy to improve the fatigue properties of the material, and improving MFS durability - meaning they are stronger than the traditional cast impellers.

KTS can also offer Titanium & Stainless Steel on selected part number. Other terms applies.